Monday, May 2, 2011

"Truth is, what is going on here?"

If you were tuned into yesterday's Celtics and Heat game, you witnessed the scuffle between Paul Pierce and James Jones in the fourth quarter. Paul Pierce reminded me of my nights at the Dark Horse (bar) when me and some smut would face rub while grinding. We all agree that this was an awkward move by Pierce, who could of easily shoved or head-butted Jones. But what was it really? A face-butt? Tell us the truth Paul.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The NBA, where "no homo" happens.

First we had Dwight Howard with a pause reference, now Chris Paul drops one last night after the W last night against the Lakers. David Stern may start fining players that use the word "pause".

That Dwight Howard pause moment again...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Gus, no fuss

Arguably the best play-by-play announcer in the biz. Dear TNT, cut the bull and hire this man for some NBA playoff action immediately. Chris Webber? Kevin McHale? Enough with the fuckery. I could barely here Webber in the telecast the other night during the Bulls and Pacers game. How does Larry Bird's junk taste Kevin McHale, I get he was one of the greatest players ever but he's not playing anymore. "Back in the day, Larry would've said...", or "Man that reminded me of when Lar' (Larry) used to...". Stop it man. Where you at Guss?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The world needs more of these chicks

Imagine one of these sport-junkie chicks was your girlfriend. Chicks who are into sports not by default, but actually watch them on their own time and not out with a boyfriend at a bar. I hate the girl who roots for a team because her boyfriend likes them, or they have a fantasy crush for one of the players. I like chicks who eat fried food, drink beer, and actually can comprehend what's going on in a particular sport. Not only are they both good looking, but their sports knowledge is also attractive. Why date a needy, boring, attractive woman or girl when you can enjoy being a man once in awhile. Why spend nine bucks on wine, or a seventy dollar dinner tab on bland food at a "I got a stick up my ass (fancy) restaurant. Think a little in re-evaluate what you want in a woman fellas.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prokhorov or Madoff?

As a NJ Nets fan, hearing about the Carmelo deal was the first time I actually considered watching an entire Nets game. Surely after weeks of speculation, Melo was on to save the Nets franchise from league doormat to possible playoff contender. But yesterday the big Russian dropped the bomb on Nets fans worldwide. His press conference could hardly be made out because of his thick accent. More puzzling, what owner of a sports franchise doesn't use e-mail? He told the media that the deal was simply too expensive to follow through with. What the hell is he saving the billions he reportedly had when he became the new owner for? Oh wait, signing Bo Outlaw to a max contract, drafting Derek Favors (bust), and signing below average NBA talent. The Nets look like a free agent pool team, better yet, players that nobody in the league wants. I can only imagine what his plan for the Nets is, Russian strippers at the Nets VIP lounge?, or maybe creating his own vodka with Kris Humphries face on the bottle? I have had many chances to attend a Nets game but declined due to the fact that I'd be watching a team full of free agents besides Harris and Lopez. Mr. Prokhorov only knows what he has in store for the Nets franchise but walking away from the Melo deal was just another failure in his first year as owner of an NBA franchise.